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Podtrans download will bring all your favorite songs to one place. It is the best application that allows you to enjoy all your favorite songs on your PC. It is the best alternative for iTunes because iTunes had the risk of losing data. The PodTrans download becomes the best solution here as it transfers all your data without even having you lose data, the application is very safe, and it has great concern about protecting data.

The Podtrans pro will allow you to transfer music from iPod to computer free unlimited. podtrans application is safe to use.the application is a freeware application. You can transfer a vast collection of songs using the Podtrans download.it does not need the iTunes as Podtrans is the substitute of the iTunes.It is in the pro version that you have the interesting feature iWizard.

You can transfer media files on iDevices using the pro version. The pro version comes with advanced features of the normal version. You can even try the pro version.

Podtrans Download Steps

1. First go to the podtrans.net

2. Then get the Podtrans downloaded and then run the downloaded file.

3. Allow the changes to be made on your PC by entering yes and complete the installation.

4. After you have done what is said, you can start with transferring music easily.

Podtrans Download

Podtrans Download