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PodTrans - iPod Transfering Software free Download

The Podtrans is brought to transfer music. You can transfer music from the PC to the Mac. It is a software that allows you to transfer files. It is the ideal app that lets you transfer music from iPod to the PC or from the iPod to the Mac computer. It is the perfect app that allows transferring files without any data loss. You also have the full control over audiobooks and movies. Further, you have the control including movies and TV shows.

Podtrans Download

Restore iTunes Library from iPod without any Limits

PodTrans is the right choice to get better iTunes library from iPod if you have just offered a new laptop or reformatted the difficult power. Further to this, whilst you need to sync iPod but scruple about erasing formerly stored songs, PodTrans is the way to move.

Podtrans Download

Transfer iPod to iPod; track Sharing can't be so clear-cut

PodTrans pro also allows you to plug in more than one gadgets straight away and change the content among them. It’s pretty efficient and will prevent numerous time.

Podtrans Download

Clever, clean-to-Use and user-oriented layout

When you start typing within the seek Window, PodTrans usually consequences the maximum applicable effects from the library. And the more information you kind in, the narrower the end result is going to.

What is PodTrans

Podtrans is constantly first-rate to look alternatives hit the market, consisting of this new Podtrans freeware. The software program replaces iTunes on home windows computer systems and lets in for switch to and out of your pc and iDevice, without all of the fuss and bother.

The first aspect you’ll be aware approximately the program is the truth that the interface is delightfully simple. Export, Import, Delete…the primary factors don’t get a lot less difficult than that. The software manages all kinds of media, together with video, song and exotica together with podcasts, and might address all iDevices and variations of the windows running system.

The unfastened model of the product supports import and export of track, however for the whole range of iTunes library functionality (including iTunes recovery, iPod to iPod transfer and unlimited library support)

Podtrans pro is newly designed to transfer music, movies, playlists and the whole library between iPod & iTunes, or even directly from old iPods to the new iPod Nano 7.

It offers a fast and all-around solution to help you rebuild or merge iTunes library from iPod Nano, touch, classic, shuffle, etc. And more, it will convert any incompatible files to iPod friendly format silently during the transfer. Podtrans is top-of-the-line backup & recovery tool for your iPod music and videos. Bridge iPod and iTunes library with one single click.

Features of Podtrans download

If you get Podtrans pro on your device, you have the two-way transfer. You can transfer your music quickly from the computer to the iPod or from the iPod to the computer. The transfer works both ways.

The way is easy to add your music. You will simply have to drag and drop. You do not have to erase the existing tracks. You can easily manage the files that are available on your iPod. It is very advantageous that you can copy music from the iPod to the iTunes and that you can add music, videos on the iPod without using the iTunes.

It is a user-friendly application that will help you in all ways. It is also the fastest way that will allow you to transfer files. Do not worry if you have an extensive collection of songs as it will enable you to move the extensive collection in few minutes. You will get used to this relaxed manner of handling in transferring files from the iPod to the computer, and you can also try the other way around.

Podtrans other features

Podtrans Download

You can transfer everything starting from photos, music between devices such as the iPhone, the iPad, the iPod, and the computers. You can even manage and export messages, contacts and you can even have them as a backup. The transfer of music is 100% free, and it runs smoothly on all Windows and Mac Computers.

The Podtrans guide supports all languages including English, Japanese, French, and German. This application is available as a free application. The Podtrans pro tool is supportive of every file type, and you can learn the technique easily.

Interesting facts of Podtrans download

The new Podtrans download is more advanced in its quality when related to the quality of the iTunes version. You will see that it makes space for a comfortable environment for the users of Podtrans pro.

After you connect the device to the computer, you will see that it displays a summary related to the iPod model and capacity. You will be able to navigate the menu on the left, to go through a huge list of music, podcasts, and audiobooks.

Podtrans Download

Podtrans Download

You will come across a variety of options as import, export and delete which makes the management of files very easy. Import allows to transfer files from the computer to the device, and the export will send content which is available on the iPod to the PC.

Unlike other third-party iPod sync software, the original song will not be erased. It is an advantageous process of transferring data.

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Podtrans Supported iPod Models

This new tool supports iPod models such as the nano, classic, shuffle, and touch. The models also include the iPod Touch 6th Generation. You also have Podtrans for Mac and Podtrans iPod to iTunes.

Podtrans Supported Type of Formats

You will see that the Podtrans download supports the MP 4 and MP 3 formats of podcasts, movies, audiobooks and music videos. The Podtrans support a range of file formats. This reason is why you will find it very interesting to get Podtrans.

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